Helmet Stories

Hear about the transition to helmets from the workforce, supervisors, company executives and project owners.

“I’ve been meaning to write you for quite a while to thank you for moving the industry to helmets. An incident happened quite a while ago, just weeks after we switched to company-wide helmets. On the day of the incident, after casting a deck, one of our cement masons was climbing down a ladder on his way home after his shift. He fell approximately 12 feet with his helmet (head) hitting the concrete floor below. The incident caused a crack in the back of his helmet, yet the man got up, walked away, got checked out by our medical group, got a new helmet, and went home. He was ready to work the next day. Thanks again for all you are doing. I’m inspired by your leadership.”

Chris Plue

Webcor Concrete

“We listened and thought for a long time; too long. Then at Annual Conference the seminar on Hard hats to Helmets put us over the top. The thought that a fellow member’s teammate might have lived with a helmet. That was enough to convince me to make the change.”

Tommy Ruttura

Ruttura & Sons Const. Co., Inc.

“Upon hearing your helmet presentation at our board meeting, one of our board members decided he was going to explore providing the helmets for all his workers.  As he was contemplating his purchase, a ready-mixed driver on one of his pumping jobs slipped and fell back severely injuring his head. He took that as a sign and ordered the helmets that week. The accident probably wouldn’t have resonated with him had he not heard your presentation.”

Christi Collins

American Concrete Pumping Association

“A construction worker I know was standing on the ground in the path of some falling 2x4s. The first one hit his hard hat which protected his head, but it also knocked the hat off, leaving his bare head exposed as the rest of the wood fell on him.  He needed to have several stitches and take time off of work.”

Carla Nickodemus

BORIDE Engineered Abrasives