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Construction Industry Aligns to Fight Brain Injuries and Fatalities


St. Louis, December 12, 2022 – The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) today announced the launch of a website dedicated to the construction industry’s transformation from hard-hats-to-helmets (H2H). Over the past few years many companies have made the H2H switch, and the new website is aimed at bringing further awareness to this life-saving topic.

ASCC’s Safety & Risk Management Council (SRMC) is a group dedicated to addressing safety performance and reducing job-related hazards and making sure ASCC contractors are the safest in the industry. The SRMC focuses on the most relevant topics to provide industry leadership, and the H2H initiative was borne out of the desire to reduce the frequency and severity of head injuries in the construction industry.

ASCC developed this website to provide a one-stop-shop for information related to features, benefits and current and emerging technologies of impact and energy absorbing construction helmets. Structural Technologies, LLC, an ASCC Sustaining Member company, provided support to build the site.

Peter Emmons from Structural Technologies stated, “we are pleased to work with ASCC and other industry partner organizations to support this website which will help get the message out.” He went on to add, “and that message is simple – the construction industry can reduce the number of head injuries and fatalities today by saying no to continuing to use 60-year-old hardhat designs and yes to helmets that deliver the best technology available for head protection.”

Extensively tested and approved throughout the world, construction helmets, like helmets used for activities such as biking, skiing, and others provide protection from head injuries due to falls as well as impact and penetration resistance to all areas of the head. H2H, with support from industry organizations and partners, will continue to share a message that will lead to the reduction of traumatic brain injuries and deaths in the construction industry. The H2H website provides information regarding regulatory requirements, research and development, the evolution of the hard hat to the helmet, helmet success stories, and detailed product information from helmet manufacturers.


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